The Pandora Chorus Winter 2020

We are currently at capacity for registration for our Winter Session 2020, but we've reserved 6 more spots for Bass/Baritone and Tenor singers with male voices.  If you are a person with a male voice and would like to join us, please contact us to claim one of these spots.  Bursaries are available to help cover up to 50% of the registration fees for these reserved spots, for those facing financial barriers.  Use this online form to get in touch, or email us at thepandorachorus (at) 

If you sing in the Alto or Soprano range and are interested in joining us, you can send us a message to be added to the wait list for the Winter Session.  Use this online form, or email us at thepandorachorus (at) 

Thanks for your interest in joining The Pandora Chorus, we hope to sing with you soon!

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